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Paul Offit Takes On Alternative Medicine

A Prayer for Good Health

"It's frightening." Unconventional treatments have filled the void left by mainstream medicine, Offit explains, calling his own health care experiences "largely disappointing." (Offit was born with club feet, one of which has caused him unrelenting pain into adulthood despite corrective surgery, and a misdiagnosis of malignant melanoma saddled him with two years of needless worry.) In the wake of human errors, lack of medical resolutions and poor bedside manners, alternative medicine leaves patients with, well, an alternative. Americans also have reason to feel suspicious of a pharmaceutical industry that "often pushes on us drugs that are of marginal efficacy and convinces us that we need to use them," he says, but adds that so-called natural supplements rely on some of the same manufacturers. To those who rebuke the pharmaceutical industry in defense of natural supplements, Offit asks: "Who do they think makes these products? Elves and old hippies?" [Read: Seeking the Fountain of Youth?
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Ultimate in alternative health: attitude (Video)

Human Barbie Doll holds the record for most money spent on cosmetic surgery For example, one study in New York City is examining how spirituality affects the immune system and well-being of terminally sick cancer patients. Prayer and Health: One Family's Story Even though Sue Ellen Braunlin, MD, and her family were caught up in a life-or-death situation, she just didn't feel like she had the right to pray for help. That was 13 years ago. Today, she recalls having been so privileged all her life that it was hard to ask for something special back then she says she felt very undeserving. Her newborn daughter, Marta, http://www.healtone.com/products/Hangover.html was born with a serious heart defect.
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Docs should know about kids and alternative medicine

Doctors and parents should talk about kids Use negative thoughts and/or pain in the body as prompts to think on something else. Have several "alternative" thoughts as default thoughts when thinking goes negative. Going to the opposite thought is also a good way to practice this. If you are ill, imagine playfully, that you are cured.
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"They don't think of herbs as medicine," says Vohra. "So doctors should ask parents, 'What are all the therapies, including complementary medicines, that your child is taking?'" TIME.com: Milk for kids: 2 cups a day, no more and no less Even if doctors and patients have more open discussions about alternative therapies, however, better knowledge about CAM approaches and their long-term effects is needed as well. That way, pediatricians can provide more scientifically based answers to questions about how safe and effective the therapies are. "It's like asking if surgery effective," she says. "Would you do surgery for all things?
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