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Honda Accord Hybrid Priced, Breaking Bad Cars: What's New @ The Car Connection

And if youre in the market for one of these in late-model used form, the next month or two will be a great time to grab a good deal. By most accounts, the conventional gasoline engine's days are numbered. Long before electric cars become commonplace, automakers expect to wean themselves off gas-powered powerplants, replacing them with fuel-efficient alternatives. Six Hours of Austin pit walk and driver signing Sebastian Vettel Dominates Formula One Singapore Grand Prix Red Bull Racings Sebastian Vettel showed why hes a multiple Formula One World Champion, by dominating the field yesterday at the 2013 Formula One Singapore Grand Prix. He finished the race 32.6 seconds ahead of the next best driver, Ferraris Fernando Alonso.
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Remember rule #1 -- isolate the transaction. Put another way: in a presentation on the car buying process that has a cult following, video game developer Rob Gruhl makes this point -- "You wouldn't stock up on candy at a movie theater." Say, "No, no, no," and hand over that check with only the homepage out the door price on it. 10. Regret laws, sometimes.
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