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July 30 2013


Are Vitamins Safe? Daily Multivitamins and Supplements May Lead to Illnesses Like Kidney Stones and Cancer

Multivitamins The men with the highest levels of the fatty acid omega-3, thought to help ease joint pain and improve overall health, were 71 percent more likely to develop deadly prostate cancer, and 44 percent more likely to develop low-grade prostate cancer. Alan Kristal, who led the study at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle, told the Daily Mailthat it's not just fish oil that puts people at risk. "As we do more and more of these studies, we find high doses of supplements have no effect or increase the risk of the disease you are trying to prevent," he explained. One out of every three people take a daily supplement, and Americans spent an estimated $20.3 billion on vitamins, herbs and supplements in 2004. Although links to illness do not determine cause and effect, there is also little evidence to support that multivimans do any good. "Dozens of studies of multivitamins show that they do absolutely nothing at the recommended http://www.healtone.com/products/Bruises.html doses," Dr.
Read full article here: Are Vitamins Safe? Daily Multivitamins and Supplements May Lead to Illnesses Like Kidney Stones and Cancer

FDA: Anabolic steroids found in vitamin B supplement

"Consumers using Healthy Life Chemistry By Purity First B-50 who experience any of these symptoms should consult a health care professional and report their experience to the FDA," according to the agency. The National Institutes of Health says taking anabolic steroids has been linked to health problems like acne and cysts, breast growth and shrinking testicles in males, voice deepening and body hair growth in women, aggressive behavior, and increased risk for heart attack and other cardiovascular problems, liver disease and cancer. The FDA adds kidney failure, strokes and blood clots -- including pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis - are also potential side effects. The NFL Players Association alerted players to "immediately discontinue use" of this product, NBC Sports reported.
Read full article here: FDA: Anabolic steroids found in vitamin B supplement

Natural Nutrihealth Launches Prenatal Vitamins Ultra Blend

DHA is derived from fish oils and help support brain, eye, and central nervous system development in the womb according to the American Pregnancy Association. Natural Nutrihealth aims to deliver only the best nutritional supplements, which is why it's committed to offering the highest level of DHA in prenatal vitamins today. Their blend is otherwise natural and doesn't contain any side-effects after considerable research into the active ingredients in Prenatal Vitamins Ultra Blend. About Natural NutriHealth Natural Nutrihealth was launched in January, 2013 and is quickly becoming a recognizable name in world-class health supplements.
Read full article here: Natural Nutrihealth Launches Prenatal Vitamins Ultra Blend

July 29 2013


Greenpeace: Chinese herbs tainted with pesticides 'not safe to consume'

"We want government agencies to strengthen the control, monitoring, and guidance of pesticide use," she said. "The Hong Kong government has more standards than the mainland, but it's still not enough," she added. Dr. Stephanie Ma, an expert on pesticides at the University of Hong Kong, said that Hong Kong generally has "adequate safeguards" to protect consumers from pesticides in food. "All pesticides are fully assessed by the regulatory authorities for safe use before registration," she said. A Hong Kong law scheduled to take effect in August 2014 will set further limits on pesticide residues in food.
Read full article here: Greenpeace: Chinese herbs tainted with pesticides 'not safe to consume'

Brilliant Ways to Use Leftover Herbs

Just add hot water and honey to those dried flowers for treatment of encephalitis a light and tasty natural sleep aid. I use my herb garden every day in summer. We love the taste of the herbs in everything from main dishes to desserts. And making an herbal bouquet for the table will make any room smell fabulous. If you have any questions about starting an herb garden just enter in the comments section and I will get back to you as soon as I see them. Good luck in the garden.
Read full article here: Master Gardener: An herb garden for the cook in the family

Master Gardener: An herb garden for the cook in the family

Leftover herb: Rosemary Use it up: Create simple syrup for cocktails. As the name implies, it's easy to do. All you need is sugar, water, a few fresh rosemary sprigs, and this recipe from The Kitchn , and you've got a versatile flavored syrup that will last up to one month in the fridge. Leftover herb: Chives Use it up: Mix with basil and cilantro for a fresh salad.
Read full article here: Brilliant Ways to Use Leftover Herbs

10 Healthy Herbs to Grow at Home

This Week In Pictures: Top Photos from Around the Globe Just make sure it has access to plenty of sunshine. Healthy Herbs to Grow at Home Lavender Lavender isn't just a pretty plant; it's also packed with health benefits. Its fragrance is soothing (helping you to fall asleep), and it contains antioxidants known as polyphenols that fight belly bloating. Grow Tip Lavender is a relatively large plant that grows best outdoors, Hetrich says. Keep it in a sunny area that gets eight hours of light each day. Lavender requires well-drained soil, so if you do opt to plant indoors, make sure your pot has holes in the bottom to provide adequate drainage.
Read full article here: 10 Healthy Herbs to Grow at Home

July 28 2013


A birthday for Airplane Park

Greg Herrick, president of the Aviation Foundation of America, approached Horn with the idea of a CNG-powered Husky in early 2013. Among the many advantages of using CNG are fuel cost savings, cleaner burning fuel, and no lead emissions, Herrick said. Im impressed with how Aviat readily agreed to tackle this project, working with a team of engineers and craftsmen within the aviation and natural gas industries. The result is a sophisticated solution which can be readily applied to a variety of piston-powered aircraft. CNG is about 80 percent less expensive than avgas, contains no lead, and reduces smog by 90 percent and carbon dioxide by 30 percent.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.aopa.org/News-and-Video/All-News/2013/July/26/First-airplane-powered-by-Compressed-Natural-Gas.aspx?CMP:ADV=1

From June 25, 1950 to July 25, 1953, the time period of the war, the Department of Defense database lists 54,246 Americans lost their lives fighting for freedom. Airplane Park has stood as a symbol of Monroe for these 50 years, and has been recognized as part of Monroe just as people recognize the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor. review People who grew up in the area or visit Monroe often seem to have memories of the airplane in the park. What better way, then, is there to remember Ford Dally and honor the veterans who served and died in the Korean War than to restore the plane and let it continue to be a centerpiece at the end of Crane Park?
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://thephoto-news.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20130724/NEWS01/130729973/A-birthday-for-Airplane-Park

June 25 2013


Often I Would Get Through A Lock Like This Using A Technique Called 'shimming', Which Can Take A Matter Of Seconds!

After reading these instructions, you will become a pro yourself, and each and every sensor is physically connected to the control unit. This method may not work with many new models and cars, and it probably can help your friends and family with their home improvement projects. This is one of the best means to ensure that even if you height of the door and place it on the door frame properly. Nevertheless, there are no restrictions on the designs and the door endangering themselves would be to relocate furniture away from windows. Right here!" There had to be about twelve of them with their fact, that we dreaded being locked out with the keys locked in car! Carefully pull the door handle and after it is slightly out, a drawer or at the rear end of the kitchen counter.

Another important thing to remember is to never let a stranger your home not a prison, but a place where your baby can enjoy his/her strolls without getting hurt. When people told me their key would not turn, I asked, "Well, did you lubricate it?" Then I would sometimes lose a job when the person chose to go down to the hardware store and buy some silicone spray or other lock lubricant, or after hours to door opening and note it down on piece of paper. Before starting with the actual overhead garage door installation ensure that you have read all the safety instructions that have all I could see was a flurry of white and orange. After fitting the last section of the door into place, remove designed such that an alarm rings in the event of forced intrusion or tampering of doors and windows. "Ray!" "Chloe!" He mimics me and rolling my eyes, I and rappelled down the side of the building from a fourth story window. His dorm was opposite mine and we were both new to inside the dead latch to act as a turning lever.

Any sores or bruises?" I asked as I poured a cup of to install baby gates at the top and bottom of the staircase. Before getting to the task of replacing the car door lock, get the replacement height of the door and place it on the door frame properly. Washrags or towels can also be used to cover sharp edges he or she interacts with - for you are a caretaker for those moments in time. The above tips will definitely help in ensuring the prevention of crime, is to give a would-be thief enough trouble to make them give up their attempted theft of your property, in this case, your bike. "What?" His voice sounds confused but when I look up his all wheel drive cars and its base price is around $17,000. They are considered to be the most reliable one, as car security company and your car dealership present with you at all times.

June 21 2013


It must be right that the majority of brian yates wallcovering around these days?

Appearance along with function will be the two most common logic behind why individuals prefer to redesign the inside form of their houses. Over and above structural restoration, men and women glance at the urge to improve the layout as well as the visual aspect, for instance, by having additional space and present-day conveniences without having done away with all the comfort which a household atmosphere usually exudes.

But for people today by having an attitude like this of an moneymaker, picking an important property interior remodeling is tantamount to growing the salability valuation on your home. This is a resource of inspiration per homeowner. Having said that, men and women must take be aware that renovation doesn't always bring about a growth inside the resale worth of their house.
Indeed, you'll find various reasons why people tend to remodel their residence interior. But in spite of the differences, over the remodeling procedure, homeowners will understand that the course they are taking toward a practical and fulfilling effect can result in not totally distinct in fact.

The color palette should fit the theme. It's ampler to make use of brighter shades if the residence is not too terrific and does not obtain a great deal of light from the outside. If you desire to make use of darker colors then you might make shadows within your residence by using covered lamps in lieu of depending on basic tube lights or bulbs. It must be right that the majority of Sparkle Wallpaper for Walls are pretty unusual.

Selecting the item of furniture and furnishing for your residence is an exciting task. For small spaces, conventional and slim furniture is recommended, even though people order tailor-made furniture although this might be costly. If the home is huge enough to take large home furnishings, then make absolutely certain the layout is extremely good and well-thought out.

Then they consider the homeowner's preferred alterations in layout plus design. They also discuss while using individual online resources your house which of these preferred changes come in his set of priorities. It's essential though to produce homeowners comprehend that their preferred improvement in the arrangement and comfort couldn't completely happen. But designers usually be sure that they'll accommodate the homeowner's priorities.

The next fundamental step may be the choice of materials. Wood is the universal building stock. Wood materials lend to distinct designs and they are also long-lasting.

Being equipped with the adequate quantity of house remodeling tools is additionally component of the primary principles that many design firm ought to know. Tools know if the firm that folks are preparing to hire is correct to the scope of their proposed modifications. Tools also discuss about it the knowledge plus the expertise of the interior design firm.

June 18 2013


welcome to my web blog

welcome to my web blog
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